For our undergraduate students we will promote a dynamic learning environment that maintains rigor and high standards while meeting students where and how they learn best. This environment will be characterized by the use of multifaceted and innovative approaches to promote student access and success on campus and career opportunities once they graduate.

For our graduate students we will support efforts to enhance deep understanding in core areas of study while embracing an interdisciplinary perspective. Engagement in these professional activities will foster the acquisition of meaningful and marketable skills with a strong record of publication and external grant support.

For our faculty we will develop infrastructure to support faculty scholarship across all academic ranks. We will provide robust support to stimulate efforts to obtain competitive grants and external awards, and we will champion our faculty’s efforts to become and remain leaders in their fields.” We also aspire to create an environment for faculty that supports teaching excellence as well as service to their unit.

For our staff we will promote a supportive environment where contributions are acknowledged and excellence is rewarded. We recognize the importance of staff development and growth and will utilize targeted strategies to enhance professional development experiences and opportunities for staff to build their career at Sri Ramanas Institution.

For our community we will endeavor to contribute beyond our campus. Whether our students venture to faraway places or return to their home towns, it is our goal to have prepared these students to apply their knowledge to meaningfully transform the lives of others. We will support efforts of our community of scholars to make their work accessible and meaningful in efforts to address society’s most pressing issues locally and globally.

As leaders we will promote a collective vision and a shared transparent governance in the attainment of that vision. We will encourage all members of our community to share their voices, and we will consider what we learn as we lead. Finally, we will provide a transparent set of values and priorities for the direction of the College that will support individuals and units in their planning and activities.


Providing Competitive Education To Enhance Women Upliftment


To provide holistic education based on gospel values of love, Justice, equvality and peace in young women from all strata of society
To empower young women to face the challenges of life with courage.

Our Core Values

  • Driven by excellence
  • Creative and critical thinkers
  • Ethical and accountable
  • Proactive in efforts to support a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment
  • Transparent and inclusive in our governance
  • Service oriented
  • Fiscally responsible